Okay, so I caved. I now have a Twitter thingy. I tweet things. I’m a twit.

I really don’t have anything to say, but I don’t want to let my bloggish stagnate. I know there are one or two people that actually read it, so they can now pretend to be interested in the goings-on of my life. Hooray you.

I enjoy things.

I’m the greatest, smartest, most attractive man alive. If only you knew. All the guys want to be me, and all the ladies want to be with me. I make millions on the black market, selling plutonium I grow myself. And with that money, I’ve purchased several solid gold cars, and dated several solid gold supermodels. I get my mail with a helicopter, and I do the dishes by burning them and buying a new set. I have servants for everything, including two whose jobs are to kiss each of my butt-cheeks all day long. Except when I’m sitting, then they just do the grapes and palm-frond thing. I also own everything, but I lease land out to local groups who call themselves “governments”. They run the regions in exchange for free rent, but they answer to me. They’re like expensive landlords.

Oh, and…

April Fool’s! I don’t really have servants who kiss my butt. But the rest is all true.

I know some people like to know what books people are reading or whatever. Those people are weird. But anyway, I have this cool library software, that exports crap. So, here’s my list of crap. I don’t have everything I own in there yet (not even close), but I have a lot of the new stuff. It’s pretty fun adding things. And it tracks to whom items are lent, which is a nice feature. So yeah, that’s a bunch of my crap. Enjoy learning about my tastes. Or at least, my recent tastes. And yes, this is a token post because I missed February.

I just updated the Writings area of my site. It’s pretty. Suggestions and ideas are welcome. I’m reworking and reposting the chapters of each story, editing as I go—for the final time. These are going to be the final version of each of these stories. I’m going to try to get a chapter per month uploaded. I also have at least one surprise in store, but I’m not saying when, because it’s turning out harder than I thought so it could take a long time. But it’ll be awesome. I may also be sending Book I of TVX sent to a publisher or agent soon(ish), which means it may be a bad idea to upload chapters. I’ll just leave that one as is for now, but I’ll get the next four Gathered Flowers chapters up. Who knows what else.

And for anyone who doesn’t know (everyone who reads this blog already knows, so thats nobody), I have the internet at home now. Finally. And a real job, so I can pay for said internet. Which hopefully means I can blog more. Now I can slap every inane thought I have onto the internet like everyone else. So yeah. My new job takes up a lot more time than pizza delivery ever did, so even though I have internet, I have much less time to waste upon it. So it’ll be hard to blog and write and all the other crap I used to do. I suppose it’s worth it, though. Having money is nice. Now if only I could figure out how to not spend it all…

Recently I bought a bag from and when it arrived, it had a minor quality control issue.

Zipper sewn into seam

So I sent them a little message:

The coolest bag ever. I only have two small quality control comments:

Firstly, I’m sure it’s just the nature of the fabric, but I’ve never picked so many loose threads from a new product. I mean, this is to be expected from any new fabric product, but I probably could’ve knitted another bag out of the scraps of thread. Secondly, and this one is slightly more … bothersome. When the bag arrived, the zipper for the rearmost compartment was actually sewn into the nearby seam. I debated sending it back, but I didn’t want to wait even longer to have my bag back. So I just cut it free with some delicate pocketknife work and re-sewed it. I’m sure the zipper was sewn on before the final seams were sewn, and that the zipper just landed in a very inopportune place, but you may want to have the appropriate people keep an eye on that. Otherwise, this is the best, most durable, most spacious bag I’ve ever had.

I was really just trying to let them know. But then, I got this response:

Hey, Camaron –

Thanks for the feedback. To show how much we love you and want you to have a non-defective bag, we’re shipping you another Bag of Holding (whether you want it or not).

No, really, another sweet bag. All yours. I mean sure you COULD give it away as a gift this holiday, but then you wouldn’t have two. It’ll ship on order 11aac55ee and you should receive it sometime next week. Enjoy!


My jaw hit the floor. I mean, it’s an awesome bag. It’s a fifty-dollar bag. And they’re sending me another one for free?! Wow. That’s amazing customer service. The second one just arrived today (all zippers are swinging free), and I have yet to decide what to do with it. Maybe I will keep it, after all. Fill one with work supplies and one with DnD supplies. A business bag and a pleasure bag. Wait, that sounded dirty. You know what I mean, though.

Twin Bags

Although, I have considered giving it as a gift, but I can’t decide to whom I would give it.

I previously shopped for a nifty titanium spork, but after this experience, I think I’ll be shopping there more frequently. Especially for nerdy shirts.

No words, just the title. I’m doing that. I’ll have lots of pics when I get back. Blah!

I’m boycotting you, EA. I’ve enjoyed your games in the past, but that was mainly because I could play them. And now, because you’re more worried about your own wallets than the happiness of actual customers, I am unable to play a legally-purchased copy of your game Spore because of your terrible DRM practices. I’m sure it’s unimportant to you, but some of us don’t have internet connections on our home computers. I downloaded the “Free” creature creator. Then I found out it was just a demo and to unlock all the content, I had to pay ten dollars. So I did. Twice (a downloaded copy and, hoping to solve my problems, a physical copy). And after paying for the game, I couldn’t even install it on my computer. Guess what; not every computer is connected to the internet. Yet your game (and presumably your future games) won’t even start without connecting to the internet to verify that I’ve got a legal copy. And–oh dear!–it’s already been pirated. You haven’t stopped anybody, and you’ve just hurt your customers that would’ve paid to legally own the game. So go to hell and so forth. I’ll not be buying another of your games.

I wasn’t going to post this month, because I have pictures to post and no computer monitor at home with which to use photoshop to resize them to appropriate sizes. But I guess I’ll post before the month is out, so I can still say I post once a month. Which is more than Maddox can say, and he has way more fans than I do!

Anyway. I went to a concert on July 4th. We saw Blues Traveler, Live, and Collective Soul. Those are the pictures I was going to post.

I’ve also been working on remaking the Writings section of my site, making it more pretty and accessible. Also doing some rewrites as I go. And I’ve started a new project that will be fun for me: A comic book. Too bad I’m a terrible artist. Luckily, I’ll be using Inkscape to create it, so tweaks will be easy. I have a good eye for art, just not a good hand. So I can tweak until my eyes are happy.

I’ve also been trying hard to learn Japanese, which I guess is going well. Hard to learn on your own. So I started a study group with two friends from work. Not sure we’re actually accomplishing anything, what with the lack of structure and all, but it’s still fun.

And off I go.

As per the instructions here, I created an imaginary debut album. But unlike those other losers, I actually made mine into a spiffy little album cover. Yes, I’m that bored.

My Album Cover

I was gonna get more creative with it, but I’m also super-lazy. And I’m absolutely sure that image is copyrighted, so if the creator finds this and emails me, I’ll remove it. But until then, enjoy!

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