Do not go to WordPress’ support forum, if you can avoid it. I attempted to file an official complaint, but I don’t know if it’ll get through, or if they even care.

There is a moderator in your help forums ( who is completely unprofessional and power tripping. S/he actively edits users’ posts and deletes posts to hide any criticism of his/her moderating style. I wanted you to know that this person is acting as a representative of WordPress on an official WordPress site, and was responsible for a copmletely unpleasant customer service experience. In the future, if I have any issues with WordPress, I\’ll be seeking outside help. I would love to delete my account on the support forums, but I don’t see the options. If this is not the proper channel to file this complaint, please inform me of the correct location.

If you can avoid interaction with this asshole/bitch, please do. Whoever it is clearly thinks they’re the bees knees, but treats users like shit.

It was a horrible experience from the very first post.