I’m posting! I still have nothing to say. Why do I have a blog, anyway? We’re enjoying the new house and the new baby, and we look forward to a big tax return so we can do some work to the place. Not that it needs it; it’s mostly optional upgrades. Like lights and maybe finishing the basement. And more fence. I haven’t decided whether we want a tree or not. I love trees, and I want a big oak in the middle of the back yard, but I also hate raking leaves.

Studying Japanese is going well, but it’s not coming as easily as I’d like. If I had more time to dedicate to it, it’d probably be a lot easier. Alas, I am a wage slave. Which means I waste most of my life (and am too tired to do anything with the rest) with relatively little to show for it.

I do have a secret project in the works that might ease some of the load, but it also might just be a complete waste of time. We’ll see.