Now I feel like I’m neglecting my blog in favor of twitter, but this feeling of guilt has actually made me come back here more regularly than I was before. I mean, two whole posts in August?! That’s unheard of.

So here’s some news: We bought a house. Because we have another kid on the way and we needed another bedroom. The kid is due in ten days! I worry about being able to make the mortgage, but I think we can manage. We won’t have much in the way of luxury items anymore (I spend way too much on books, anyway—the dangers of being hooked on the stuff you deal). But at the same time: Yard! Two bathrooms! No neighbors! I can play loud music! I can have pets!

The only thing I’ll miss about our apartment is that the neighbors always seem to be cooking something that smells awesome when you first walk into the building. Makes you wanna go knocking on doors to find out who it is and then ask for some.

Anyone willing to make the trip is invited to the housewarming. It’ll be Halloween weekend, so I’m thinking of having the first-ever costume-housewarming. And if it’s not the first ever, I don’t care. If I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me!