I’m boycotting you, EA. I’ve enjoyed your games in the past, but that was mainly because I could play them. And now, because you’re more worried about your own wallets than the happiness of actual customers, I am unable to play a legally-purchased copy of your game Spore because of your terrible DRM practices. I’m sure it’s unimportant to you, but some of us don’t have internet connections on our home computers. I downloaded the “Free” creature creator. Then I found out it was just a demo and to unlock all the content, I had to pay ten dollars. So I did. Twice (a downloaded copy and, hoping to solve my problems, a physical copy). And after paying for the game, I couldn’t even install it on my computer. Guess what; not every computer is connected to the internet. Yet your game (and presumably your future games) won’t even start without connecting to the internet to verify that I’ve got a legal copy. And–oh dear!–it’s already been pirated. You haven’t stopped anybody, and you’ve just hurt your customers that would’ve paid to legally own the game. So go to hell and so forth. I’ll not be buying another of your games.