I wasn’t going to post this month, because I have pictures to post and no computer monitor at home with which to use photoshop to resize them to appropriate sizes. But I guess I’ll post before the month is out, so I can still say I post once a month. Which is more than Maddox can say, and he has way more fans than I do!

Anyway. I went to a concert on July 4th. We saw Blues Traveler, Live, and Collective Soul. Those are the pictures I was going to post.

I’ve also been working on remaking the Writings section of my site, making it more pretty and accessible. Also doing some rewrites as I go. And I’ve started a new project that will be fun for me: A comic book. Too bad I’m a terrible artist. Luckily, I’ll be using Inkscape to create it, so tweaks will be easy. I have a good eye for art, just not a good hand. So I can tweak until my eyes are happy.

I’ve also been trying hard to learn Japanese, which I guess is going well. Hard to learn on your own. So I started a study group with two friends from work. Not sure we’re actually accomplishing anything, what with the lack of structure and all, but it’s still fun.

And off I go.